Two faced politicians

Governing this world.

Winning us over with lies

And empty promises,

Whilst at heart,

Thinking solely of their greed.


Caring only about themselves

Whilst people starve

Out on the street.

Putting prices higher

Just to get more money,

Not even considering the single parent

With two other mouths to feed.


Saying one thing now

Then something else the next,

Making us even sicker

Of your lies and deceptions.


All we want is what they promised,

for them to stand for

What they say they stand for.

Instead they decide

To be thieving hypocrites,

Stealing from the poor

And giving to the rich.


We’re fed up

And we’re not going to take it anymore.

There will come a time for them

To answer for their crimes.

They’re no better than the rest of us

And it time for us to end

this senseless corruption.


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