Our Leader

Looking down from the heavens

At a world so grave,

Thinking of all our ‘Role Models’

And the paths they pave.


Are they right? Are they good?

Are they something we should admire?

Like us they make mistakes,

But they make enough mistakes to feed a raging fire.


Looking up from a darkening world,

I see one who is a true hero,

Leading a life to which we should aspire

Then dying to reduce all our sins to zero.


He is right! He is good!

He is something that we should admire!

He’s always there for us

No matter how dire

The situation is,

And his love for us will never end

No matter what we do

And he’ll never ever pretend.


To him I give my life

To follow and serve

As I feel that is all

I can give him that he deserves.


I’ll give him no more or no less

Than my very best

In everything I do

No matter what the test.


Please comment, all opinons are welcome!

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