Trash Day


Listening to every sound.

Cars driving away,

Children laughing as they play.

But sadly, there are not only good things around.


The Rubbish.

Lies and garbage fed to us on a daily basis,

Influenced by a corrupt machine

And everything else that’s in between,

As we go on living, always seeming to be in some sort of crisis.


No more!

Discerning what’s truth and what’s not

Becomes a very tiring task.

‘Tell the truth!’ is all that I ask,

So we can let the sweet music through all of this rot.


Think about it.

Do we need smut and lies

Filling up our society

And filling the pockets of the mighty?

It’s time to take the trash out of our lives.


Remove it all.

Let us cleanse this world

Of all these impurities

And banish all insecurities,

As the light is finally uncurled.


One thought on “Trash Day

  1. christianteentopics says:

    Very poetic 🙂 it has a dramatic effect to it that really gets you thinking deeply. Great job! 🙂


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