Call to Action

Out on the street

There’s a man

Eating his only meal for the week,

Whilst right across that street

Another is gorging himself,

Spending $100 on a three course meal.


There’s a busker out there,

Trying to live off the money

That gets tossed in his hat.

Meanwhile, someone else walks by

After a day at the office,

Only thinking about

What is on TV.


We go about living our everyday lives

At times oblivious

To what’s going on around us.


As we struggle to finish a meal

In a restaurant,

A woman standing on the corner

Struggles to feed herself

And her family.

We can’t let this go on anymore

As these people starve

Out the front of our door.

We can’t let them slave

To make the food we eat

When they can’t even feed themselves.


It’s time to put an end to this,

Time to make it stop.

End this imbalance in the world,

‘cause they’re just the same as us.


We’re not better,

We’re just better off.

Now’s the time to share that

And to balance the social scale.


It’s time to respond to this call

And take action for this cause,

For God’s kingdom to come

And restore order to the world.


We’re here for a reason,

Whatever that may be

And we can’t let others suffer

Whilst we live in luxury.


2 thoughts on “Call to Action

  1. maria rosalba vavala says:

    I’ve always liked this one Matt, an eye opener


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