This Just In

Destruction and violence

Being reported on the news

By people seeming to care.


Truth is, they don’t give a damn

About who live or dies,

Only about a story

And their own selfish desires


Masks of empathy

Used to suck out details

From helpless victims

Who are cast aside

As soon as they’ve got

All the information they need.


Obscuring the truth

To suit their own needs,

Making up fiction

That fogs up the fact

Just to sell papers

Brimming with senseless garbage


Gone are the days

When the news used to be just that,

Reports that would inform the masses

With an unbiased view

Of what’s happening in the world today.


Now all it is

Are tall tales being told

By blood sucking leeches

Aiming to make a fast buck,

Not caring about who they hurt

In the process of their

Greedy money grabbing exercise.


3 thoughts on “This Just In

  1. I like the way you link the riots to the scandal of the media tactics in such activities as phone hacking.

    Check out these extracts from my collection –


    • Thanks. I actually wrote this before the riots happened, and was thinking more of what was happening in countries that have suffered from natural disasters, and how the media buzz around for a story, but leave when there’s still stuff that needs to be done.


  2. Agreed with your last sentiment. I’ve had dealings with the media before, and won’t again. Have you managed to have a look at the poems from my collection yet?


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