Lifted Up

There’s a knight

Out on the frontline

Fighting for his God’s Kingdom

Out in the trenches.

His armour shines,

Illuminating the darkness around him,

Showing his people

How to be strong,

How to do what needs to be done.


He walks out of the darkness

And into God’s light.

His armour is tarnished,

Stained and filthy.

He’s wounded, broken,

And he tries to get

His armour clean again.

But he can’t lift the stains

Or remove the impurities.

They cling to his armour

And won’t let it go.


There’s a person

Wrapped up in chains,

Weighted down by them daily.

They’re entwined so tight,

They cut down deep

Into the skin,

Leaving scars and wounds.

They tear at the person’s clothes,

Tear at their hair,

Leaving them bald and nude,

Coiled in a cold dark prison.


The person tries

To unwrap themselves,

To break the chains

Which are holding them back

And weighing then down.

But they can’t get free,

They can’t even weaken the links

Entombing them inside

This iron cell.


The knight that is trying

To clean his armour,

Gives up

And falls

Down on his knees,

Crying out in desperation.


The person in chains

Trying to get free,

Tires of the effort,

Resigns to their situation

And falls down on their knees,

Crying out in despair.


There’s a man

That can see past

All of this rot

And get right down

Into our hearts.


He looks through the stains

Covering the knight’s armour.

He makes the person’s chains

Transparent under his gaze

And sees what lies underneath.


He picks the knight up

Off his knees

And wipes the stains

Clean off of his armour.

He gives the knight the strength

And the energy to continue

And be strong for his people.


He picks the person in chains up

Out of his misery

And breaks them off,

Coil by coil,

Link by link.

He heals the person’s wounds

And gives them clothes,

Making them decent

To live a life for him.


We’re like the knight,

Like the person in chains.

The man that can see

Through all of the garbage

Wants to free us too.

He wants to catch us

When we fall

And put us back up

Onto our feet.

We just have to let him in

And hand him

The baggage

That’s holding us down.


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