Pig Sty

Sex, Sex, Sex.

All over the TV.

All over the newspapers.

Look to a billboard

And it’s up there too.

It’s everywhere around us,

We can’t get away from it.


Sex, Sex, Sex.

Some guy in a movie

Saying ‘next, next, next.’

To all of the women

After sleeping with them,

Giving teenage boys

The misconceived idea

That it’s the right thing to do.


Sex, Sex, Sex.

Girls going around at night

Showing the boys

What they’ve got

And leaving very little

To the imagination,

All because they read about it

And see it in the magazines,

Giving them the impression

That boys won’t like them

Unless they go around like that.


Sex, Sex, Sex,

Is this what society has come to?

Is this what is accepted

As the social norm?

We’re becoming a filthy civilization,

Controlled by a dirty desire

And influenced by a tarnished world.

‘Sex sells.’ they say,

But it corrupts the mind

At the end of the day.


Sex, Sex, Sex,

Do we really want our children

To be exposed

To all of this,

Corrupting their innocence

And forcing them to grow up

Quicker than they should?


Sex, Sex, Sex.

That’s all that life

Seems to be about now,

When it should be about

So much more.

We look down on porn,

And yet it’s well embedded

Within the world order.


Sex, Sex, Sex.

We’re all people of the same

Value and worth,

We’re not objects to be used

To fulfil someone’s

Dirty dishonourable desires.


Sex, Sex, Sex.

Let us cast this demon

Out of our society,

Free our people from

Its lustful entanglement

And deliver us from

Its evil embrace.


Sex no more!

Let us restore

Its original god given

Intention and meaning,

And heal a world

In much need of cleaning.

One thought on “Pig Sty

  1. Terry Lozeau says:

    My ideas precisely!


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