Crowd Dodgers-Season Final Opener

Jagger Amazon was moving as fast as he could on his hover skates. The walls on either side of him blurred with speed, and the glistening wet cobbled street rushed by under his feet, as it created an intense glare, the result from the sun beating down onto the street circuit.

Fans had turned out in droves to see the final Crowd Dodging race for the season, even though it was very cold and had been raining up until race day. The fans lined either side of the track, looking to get a view of the action, shouting out to their favourite dodgers.

Jagger couldn’t even hear them. To him it was just noise and he streaked down the track. His only thought was to win.

He was tied for first in the overall standings with his rival Trevor Brown. Jagger had to win this race in order to win the crowd dodging season and prove himself worthy for a spot on a professional Crowd Dodging team. It meant so much to him and he couldn’t bear to miss out on his dream, not when he was so close.

Jagger saw the track ahead through his light blue visor, which served to minimise the glare and keep the wind and dirt out of his eyes.

Trevor Brown was just ahead of him as they were coming to the first crowd of drones, his black skate suit with its red piping and stripe down the back, shimmering in the heat from the sun

The large metal drones loomed ahead. They were the size of an average person, except as wide as an overweight person. They moved randomly about on tank treads and waved their arms wildly about, creating the crowd from hell for every Crowd Dodger to overcome.

Jagger’s radio burst to life as he lost view of Trevor as he entered into the crowd.

‘Trevor’s only five seconds in front of you.’ Jack said over the radio. Jack was Jagger’s little brother and strategist. ‘You should be able to catch him in no time.’

‘Thanks Jack. Keep an eye on him for me, ‘cause I’m going to have to be focusing elsewhere.’ Jagger said as he came up to the crowd of drones.

Up close the drones looked vicious. Completely void of any sense or reasoning. If one of them hit you, you were going down for sure.

Jagger got swamped by the crowd of drones, their metal bodies pushing in around him.

Jagger swerved to the left to avoid one drone, and then back to the right to avoid another. All Jagger could see of the drones was a grey blur as he went past at a high speed.

From the side, all the fans could see was a glimpse of the silver and blue piping of Jagger’s suit and helmet, as he weaved his way through the crowd of drones.

Another skater was following Jagger very closely, mimicking his every move. This was a legitimate strategy, to follow a fellow dodger through a crowd, but it was seen as a very poor performance.

Jagger ducked as a drone suddenly stuck its arm out. The guy behind him did the same thing. Just as Jagger got back to his feet, another drone did the same thing. Jagger ducked again, but this time the guy behind him didn’t see it coming.

The drone caught him around the neck and he went down hard, smashing his head against the ground. His momentum kept him rolling forward, right behind Jagger.

Jagger could hear everything behind him, but dared not look back else he’d become the next person to go down. He whipped past another drone and veered right.

The drone that Jagger had passed soon closed the gap that he went through, and the guy slammed into the body of the drone.  A Metallic resounding clang rang out as he hit it. He would be unconscious for about an hour.

‘That was too close Jagger. You can’t let anyone else draft you like that,’ said Jack over the radio.

Jagger was breathing heavily. ‘I know. Update me on where Trevor is.’

‘He’s only three seconds ahead. You’re coming up to the end of this crowd, and you’re currently travelling faster than he is.’

Jagger ducked and weaved to the left to avoid another drone. ‘How long ‘til I catch him?’

‘You should come out of the crowd at the same time.’

Jagger ducked again, and could the see end of the crowd in sight. A drone suddenly moved from the right and blocked off the exit.

Jagger had very little time to react. There were drone’s blocking him in on either side. There was only one way he could go.

Jagger jumped, tucking his feet up under him in a perfect skater jump pose. He jumped over the drone’s right shoulder.

He landed perfectly on both feet, the hover skates immediately catching him on an invisible cushion of air.

He let out a sigh of relief and looked to his right.

Trevor emerged from the crowd right next to him.

He saw Jagger and his face turned into a snarl.

Jagger picked up speed and got in front of Trevor.

‘You won’t beat me that easy Amazon!’ Trevor said. ‘This race is mine!’

They skated hard down a clear stretch of track, cobble stones rushing by underneath, fans screaming on either side, looking like a massive blur.

Trevor got into Jagger’s slip stream.

Jagger moved to the right, but Trevor followed him. Jagger went back to the left, but he followed again.

Trevor got out of the slip stream and flew past Jagger, having picked up enough speed. He laughed as he went past. ‘See you later Amazon!’

Jagger growled under his breath.

‘Come on Jagger!’ said Jack. ‘You can easily catch him. Don’t let him get to you.’

Jagger focused as he continued flying down the track. ‘Your right bro. thanks.’ And he gave chase as another crowd section loomed ahead, fifty metres down the track.


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