My Words Aren’t Enough

Lord God,

My words can’t express

All my true feelings

For you.

I just wish that they could

So I could show them to the world

And use them

To paint this sky all over,

Different colours of the rainbow

And a few other shades too.


Red for the love

That I feel towards you,

White for the peace

That comes from within you,

Yellow for your light

That stretches across the globe

And green for the jealousy

That you feel for me.


Lord God,

I live to serve you,

And I live to please you.

Forgive me for my sins

As I know they displease you.

Christ shed his blood for me

As the ultimate sacrifice,

And I feel ashamed

Every time I do wrong by you.

Even then

You still love me,

And I love you too

But I feel undeserving

And nowhere near worthy

Of such great love.


And yet…

You saved me from a life

That truly was hell

And answered the prayers

Of my dear Grandma.

So I give my life to you

As payment to you

As I feel that I’m

In debt to you,

Even though I shouldn’t feel

That way.


Great Adonai,

You are my hero

And my saviour.

You are my great commander

And my best friend too.

I just wish my words

Could express

All of my feelings

Towards you,

So I could tell the world

How great

You truly are.


2 thoughts on “My Words Aren’t Enough

  1. Brian Ambrose says:

    Great poem, thanks for sharing it. God is good.


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