A labyrinth of thoughts and emotions

Inside of my head,

None of them helpful in easing

This feeling of dread.


Bright hopes and dreams

Dashed out in a flash.

The result, a wound in the heart

Taking the shape of a nasty gash.


The light of this station,

Dimmed to match the surrounding tunnel,

A fear that I thought

Into the ground I could pummel.

The nightmare scenario

Unfolding before my eyes,

Whilst on the inside,

Each part of me dies.


Why do I

Keep on fighting,

When this darkness

Doesn’t appear to be lighting?


Unable to sleep until late

Cause the mind keeps on thinking,

Then until late-morning

Not waking,

Because a sense of purpose

Is no longer felt.



I stare at this hand I’ve been dealt,

Hoping to draw a card

To fix it all,

Whilst deeper

Into the darkness I fall.


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