Disturbing Image

An Elderly lady

Enjoys her coffee and hashbrown,

As she reads the paper

In a McDonalds, sitting down.

There’s nothing wrong

With this image I see,

And yet something about it

Keeps bothering me.

I can’t put my finger

On whatever it is,

As it sends my head

Into quite the tizz.

I keep thinking and thinking

About what it could be

About this image

That is bothering me,

Yet I come up

With no answers

As they slip away

Like well-trained dancers.

Is it the fact

That she’s in a McDonalds

Instead of a café

Without several Ronalds?

Or is it because

I am there too?


Sitting at a table

Eating for some reason,

When I could be somewhere else

Enjoying the season.

Instead I am sitting

In a corner alone

Away from everyone else there,

All on my own.

Maybe it is

That I am there too.


Maybe it’s not

The lady that’s bothering me

But more the fact

That I’m there to see,

As I sit there

Without any clue.


Please comment, all opinons are welcome!

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