I sit on a street corner

Stuck out in the rain

As people walk by,

Paying no attention,

As if I don’t exist.

It feels like I have nothing

Except this pain

That’s wrapped around me.



All day and night

My mind dwells

On the pain,

Whilst I sink further

Into this deep dark depth.


I thirst

For this pain to heal

Like a deer

Panting for water

After going without a drink

For a week.


As I sit on this corner

I contemplate things

That I shouldn’t,

Crimes I could commit

Just to get out of the rain,

To end this suffering.


All of a sudden

The rain stops

Pouring on me.

I wonder why

And I look up to see

A man

Standing over me.

He reaches out his hand

And offers

To give me shelter,

To put a roof

Over my head,

And food

In my stomach.


He helps me back

Onto my feet,

Giving me a job

And some money.

Now I have something,

And can rise up

Out of the deep dark depths

Even though

I don’t have everything.


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