The Day After Christmas

It was the day after Christmas and all through the house,

Everything was a mess except for the mouse.

The whole family lay on the couch too full to move.

The radio was on but they couldn’t groove.


For the night before, the house was visited by Saint Nick.

The family had left him some brandy to give him a kick.

He landed on the roof so softly and silently,

Whilst everyone slept so quietly.

He came down the chimney and bumped his head.

He left the presents, downed the brandy and off he sped.

He flew up the chimney with the wink of an eye.

When he got to the roof, Rudolf let out a sigh,

For it was time for him to get back to work,

And Saint Nick was wearing a bit of a smirk.

He climbed into his sleigh,

And left before night became day.

Saint Nick took off into the sky,

Into the clouds up so high.


Now with the house covered in paper,

They have finally finished their Christmas caper.


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