Bridging the Divide

He calls out,

But the cries

Go unheard.

A great divide stretches

Out in front of him.

No way across

Seems apparent

And the bridge he had built

Looks like it has been burnt.

He wants to cross

This divide

And reach

The other side.


He wears his old mask

For different reasons,

Different purposes,

But maybe he should

Put it aside.


He looks over

The chasm before him.

He had thought that

The bridge that was burnt

Was strong

And would hold

But it seems it did not.


He looks to start

Building again

Perhaps using the same


Or something similar

But reinforcing them

With a more solid bond.


He wonders

About the mask

And the problems

It may present.

Will it get in the way?

It’s not meant to define,

But act as a cover.


He looks to his guide

For direction,

Looks to the master

So he knows

How to rebuild,

And readies his tools,

Being careful not to fall

Into the void below,

From which he can’t return.


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