The act of surrender

Is often the hardest thing.

The idea of giving

Everything we have

Over to someone else

To do with what they will,

Goes against

Our human nature.


One thing that God

Wants us to do

Is to go against

Human nature,

Give everything to him

And let him take control.


If we surrender

Ourselves to God,

He can then do

Incredible things

In our lives,

As he always has

Our best interests

At heart.


We are his children,

Whom he cares for

So much

That he sent his son

To die

For our sins.

If he is willing

To do that

For us,

Imagine how great

He can make

Our lives

If we surrender

To him

And give him

Complete control

Of our lives.


We should not fear

What he wants to do

We should embrace it

And surrender

All we have

To him.


Please comment, all opinons are welcome!

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