What You Do for Me (Psalm 23)

I am a lost soul

That needs guidance.

You are my guide.


As a human

Of your creation

I have wants and needs.

You fulfil them all.


At times, I require rest

In peaceful surrounds

To regain my strength.

You lead me there,

And make sure I rest.


As my soul grows weak,

You make it like new.

As I seek direction,

You light my way.


As my journey grows dangerous

And the tides become dark,

I will not be afraid.

You are there with me,

Fending off

Whatever may hurt me,

And keeping me calm

And still.


On the way

Through the storms,

You allow me to sit

In the presence of those

Who wish to do me harm.


You mark me as your own,

And fill me

So that I may give

To those I meet.

Throughout my life

Wherever I go

You will follow.

I will be in your shelter




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