Forbidden Path

A bag full of objects,

Full of symbols,

Of items used to clean up

Acts of impurity

Committed in a desperate need

To feel something,


Is sealed.


It’s tossed away,

Thrown into a hole,

Never to be seen again.


That’s the intention anyway.


Many times

This path has been sealed off

Yet many times,

The wall that was built

Through blood and tears

Is broken down

In one foul strike.


A path,

Kept in obscurity,

Hidden away from the world,

Leading to an improper place,

Is too often ventured down

By its creator.

The same creator

That stands against such places

As the ones that this path leads to.


It can’t go on.

The path cannot remain.

But the path cannot be destroyed

By its maker alone.


He sits

And he waits

While one who is stronger

Goes for the help he needs,

And uses all his power

To save his helpless lamb

From the torture

That his mind subjects him to,

From the false fulfillment

Given to him

By going down the path,

From the trap

That he’s caught in.


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