Drunken Misperception

Staggering around

With a drink in your hand,

Thinking you’re really cool

Because it’s your seventh drink tonight.

You’re at the point

Where your speech is slurred

And you feel you could do anything.


Stop just a minute

And take a look at yourself.

You’re a blind drunk staggering,

Stammering idiot

With a lot less brain cells

Than you had back in year eight.

You’re not cool,

You’re just plain stupid.

Is it really worth going somewhere,

Drinking some alcohol and ending up

Being the laughing stock of the night?

Don’t kid yourself.

You don’t need to drink to have fun

Or better yet

You don’t even have to drink at all.


Just because everyone else is doing it,

Doesn’t mean that

It’s the cool thing to do.

Bottom line,

There’s no real point in it at all.

We shouldn’t be drinking

Just to fit in,

Or getting drunk because

It’s supposedly fun.

What’s fun about having a hang over

The next morning,

Feeling like trash just so you can

Act like a clown

And damage your brain even further?



We hear of alcohol fuelled violence

And many stupid acts

That were committed

Whilst the committer

Of those actions was highly intoxicated.


Stop just a minute,

And think about your life.

Is it really worth wasting your money

So you can be a court jester,

Or so you can feel a slight buzz?

Think of all that you could do instead

And how much more respect

That people would have for you

If you didn’t drink at all

Or at least didn’t get drunk

At nearly every party.


Think about your actions

Before you end up doing something

That you will haunt you

For the rest of your life.