Forbidden Path

A bag full of objects,

Full of symbols,

Of items used to clean up

Acts of impurity

Committed in a desperate need

To feel something,


Is sealed.


It’s tossed away,

Thrown into a hole,

Never to be seen again.


That’s the intention anyway.


Many times

This path has been sealed off

Yet many times,

The wall that was built

Through blood and tears

Is broken down

In one foul strike.


A path,

Kept in obscurity,

Hidden away from the world,

Leading to an improper place,

Is too often ventured down

By its creator.

The same creator

That stands against such places

As the ones that this path leads to.


It can’t go on.

The path cannot remain.

But the path cannot be destroyed

By its maker alone.


He sits

And he waits

While one who is stronger

Goes for the help he needs,

And uses all his power

To save his helpless lamb

From the torture

That his mind subjects him to,

From the false fulfillment

Given to him

By going down the path,

From the trap

That he’s caught in.


Making Sense of it All

Gone are the days

When things made

Perfect sense.


When we are young,

All we need to understand

Are the basics of math,

What games to play at lunch,

Where we can

And couldn’t go,

What we can

And can’t do.


Then we grow up.

Things become complicated.

Things start happening.

Now, not much makes sense



We try to comprehend

The things that happen,

Adding things together

That maybe shouldn’t be added

To get wrong conclusions,

And adding other things

To give us partial answers.


Time is spent

Fighting for logic,

For things to be ordered.


But when one question

Is answered,

Another takes its place


Heart and mind

Once more.


As we try to figure out

Why things happen

Or how they happened,

We can become conceited,

As we attempt to understand

The humanity around us,

As we search

For what is hidden

Right in front of us.


It soon gets to a point

Where we wonder

“Is it worth it?”

But push on anyway

As the reality we saw

Crumbles to dust.


All that is left behind

Is a table top,

Covered in scratches

That were made

In a vain attempt

To make sense

Of the world.

Battle At Sea

I swim in an ocean

Full of all sorts of commotion.

There are sharks all around me,

They’re the only thing I see.

Started with one of them at first,

Then the rest found a thirst

For the blood in my veins

And a heart that gives me pains.


They start to pull me down,

In a hope that I will drown.

It’s useless and futile

But I struggle for a while

Until they get the better of me

And pull me under this sea.


It’s full of the devil’s sin,

And he watches with a grin

As I reach out with my hand

Hoping for some help to land.

Whilst the sharks are on the attack

All of them taking a crack

At pulling me to the floor

Where my end would be sure,

Someone grabs my arm

And tries to pull me from harm.

As my head breaks the surface

I see my saviour looking nervous

Fearing that he might lose me

To the devil’s evil sea.


The sharks won’t let me go,

As they crave for blood to flow,

But my saviour isn’t giving in.

He will free me from this sin,

And won’t stop until I’m free

From this evil sea.


He pulls with his might,

And I grip his hand tight,

But there’s something weighing me down,

And helping the sharks to make me drown.


My saviour tries his best,

And this sea’s at my chest.

But that’s where it stays

Making my heart ablaze

With a pain that’s so real

It’s all I can feel.


My saviour tries to break the weight

That is sealing my fate,

But it’s still there today

As I continue to float away

In a sea full of sin,

Battling with great pain within.

Pig Sty

Sex, Sex, Sex.

All over the TV.

All over the newspapers.

Look to a billboard

And it’s up there too.

It’s everywhere around us,

We can’t get away from it.


Sex, Sex, Sex.

Some guy in a movie

Saying ‘next, next, next.’

To all of the women

After sleeping with them,

Giving teenage boys

The misconceived idea

That it’s the right thing to do.


Sex, Sex, Sex.

Girls going around at night

Showing the boys

What they’ve got

And leaving very little

To the imagination,

All because they read about it

And see it in the magazines,

Giving them the impression

That boys won’t like them

Unless they go around like that.


Sex, Sex, Sex,

Is this what society has come to?

Is this what is accepted

As the social norm?

We’re becoming a filthy civilization,

Controlled by a dirty desire

And influenced by a tarnished world.

‘Sex sells.’ they say,

But it corrupts the mind

At the end of the day.


Sex, Sex, Sex,

Do we really want our children

To be exposed

To all of this,

Corrupting their innocence

And forcing them to grow up

Quicker than they should?


Sex, Sex, Sex.

That’s all that life

Seems to be about now,

When it should be about

So much more.

We look down on porn,

And yet it’s well embedded

Within the world order.


Sex, Sex, Sex.

We’re all people of the same

Value and worth,

We’re not objects to be used

To fulfil someone’s

Dirty dishonourable desires.


Sex, Sex, Sex.

Let us cast this demon

Out of our society,

Free our people from

Its lustful entanglement

And deliver us from

Its evil embrace.


Sex no more!

Let us restore

Its original god given

Intention and meaning,

And heal a world

In much need of cleaning.

The Night

The dark night sky

Can make one’s heart flourish,

Whilst another shrivels.


Peace and quiet carries the echoes of life,

Whilst someone wakes

From a world of dreams.


A cold breeze blows through,

Carrying with it memories of the past.

Memories of loved ones

Long gone,

And of those waiting.


As the sun rises,

One thinks of what’s to come,

Of what one wants to happen,

And of what they have to do.