Breaking the Illusion

At times you sit

In the darkness wondering,

What is it that I’m hearing?

What is it that I’m seeing?

Is this a vision,

is this a message

that I’m meant to be receiving?

While I sit and wonder

Can anyone else

Hear these words

That are echoing in my head,

Or see the epiphanies

Dancing, shaking,

Falling before my eyes?

Do you see what I see?

Do you hear what I hear?

These voices swarming

Inside my head,

Thoughts that are mangled,

Or incomplete,

Screaming for attention,

To be heard,

To be seen,

To be shaped and moulded

And put into a message

To give to someone else.

To give to those

in need of answers.

To give to those of

You who can’t see

what’s in front of you!

Where you see peace,

I see destruction.

Where you see fun,

I see self-harm

Much more violent

than hidden acts

in your room when

you feel nothing at all

and much more damaging

than a sharpened blade.

It’s standing in front

Of you screaming

In your face,

Wake up and see

All The damage that

you’re doing,

not just to yourself,

but to all those

around you.

Your way of life,

A constant pursuit of joy,

In vain as you’ll

Never find it where

You like to look.

Open your eyes and

Picture it if you can,

An endless cycle

That you don’t want

To escape from,

Trapped like the line

Forming the edge of

a circle,

destined to go round

till you’re as long

as a piece of string.

Do you see an end?

Do you see a goal?

Why even bother

If week in week out,

You do the same thing.

Make money,

Spend it.

Labour for money,

Throw it away.

Painstakingly earn

A handful of pennies

Just to fund another lap

Around you’re closed

Circuit track.

Take heed and notice

Before it’s too late.

Listen to the voices.

Accept what you see.

Change your ways

Before you drag everyone else

Who’s following Your lead

To their own dark room

And leave them there

To find the light

Switch for themselves.

Look closely now

At what’s in front of you.

Look past the illusion

Presented by those

Who are also misguided.

Listen to that voice

Speaking inside your head

And now tell me

If you see what I see.



A man wearing a gold watch

Keeps trying to move on

In his journey of life,

But he can’t.

His watch

Keeps getting in the way,

And he doesn’t want it

Damaged or broken.

He cares about it

So much,

And won’t take it off.

It’s the last thing of value

That he has left.


He doesn’t want

To let it go,

He doesn’t want

To cast it aside.

But as long as he has it

It will continue being

In his way.


He stares at the path ahead,

Of what he’ll have to do

To reach his goal.

He can’t keep the watch

Even though he wants to.


He makes a decision

And takes off the watch

He throws it to the side

And walks

Down the path

Before him.

The watch shatters

On the ground

No longer of any value

To anyone.


A little boy with a balloon

Is having fun at a fair.

He grips the balloon tightly,

Never wanting to let it go.


He goes on a ride,

Still holding the balloon,

And is lifted

High in the air.

The boy is scared,

Fearing for his life

Fearing for what might happen.

He needs to hold on,

Hold on with both hands,

But can only use one

With his balloon

In the other.


He doesn’t want

To let it go

Doesn’t want

To lose his balloon,

But he lets it go,

And grips on to the ride

Tightly with both hands.

The balloon floats away

Rising into the air,

Fading into the distance

Forever out of reach.


Ten years later,

The man who threw away

His watch,

His most valuable possession,

Now has a family

With two children,

Lives in a large house

And drives a car

Of his dreams.

He now has many watches

To replace the one

He gave up.


He now has more

Of value to him

Than ever before.


The boy who let go

Of his balloon

Is now all grown up.

He’s thinking about the day

He let go

Of the balloon

As he walks out

To his car

On his way to work.

On his windscreen

He finds an old wrinkled balloon

The same colour as the one

That he let go.

Next to it

Is a whole pack

Of balloons

All the same colour.


He smiles.

He can now give them

To his daughter,

And give her

Something to treasure

And play with.


Sometimes in our life

We need to let go

Of what we hold dear.

But someday it comes back

Or we get

So much more.

Sometimes to progress

We just need










The act of surrender

Is often the hardest thing.

The idea of giving

Everything we have

Over to someone else

To do with what they will,

Goes against

Our human nature.


One thing that God

Wants us to do

Is to go against

Human nature,

Give everything to him

And let him take control.


If we surrender

Ourselves to God,

He can then do

Incredible things

In our lives,

As he always has

Our best interests

At heart.


We are his children,

Whom he cares for

So much

That he sent his son

To die

For our sins.

If he is willing

To do that

For us,

Imagine how great

He can make

Our lives

If we surrender

To him

And give him

Complete control

Of our lives.


We should not fear

What he wants to do

We should embrace it

And surrender

All we have

To him.

Sky High


We get stuck,

Confused by our own

Mess of thoughts and emotions,

Not sure what to do

Or where to go.



We try to dig ourselves out,

Try to make sense

Of it all,

And take the road

We think is right.



By doing that

We end up

In a deeper situation

Than the one we started with,

An even bigger problem

With an even bigger pile

Of thoughts and emotions,

Or we end up

Tearing down

The foundations

We already had.


In these times

We need direction,

We need guidance.

We cannot do things


And expect to succeed.



We should look for direction

Look for this guidance,

But not from somewhere


But from somewhere

Sky high.

Bridging the Divide

He calls out,

But the cries

Go unheard.

A great divide stretches

Out in front of him.

No way across

Seems apparent

And the bridge he had built

Looks like it has been burnt.

He wants to cross

This divide

And reach

The other side.


He wears his old mask

For different reasons,

Different purposes,

But maybe he should

Put it aside.


He looks over

The chasm before him.

He had thought that

The bridge that was burnt

Was strong

And would hold

But it seems it did not.


He looks to start

Building again

Perhaps using the same


Or something similar

But reinforcing them

With a more solid bond.


He wonders

About the mask

And the problems

It may present.

Will it get in the way?

It’s not meant to define,

But act as a cover.


He looks to his guide

For direction,

Looks to the master

So he knows

How to rebuild,

And readies his tools,

Being careful not to fall

Into the void below,

From which he can’t return.