Forbidden Path

A bag full of objects,

Full of symbols,

Of items used to clean up

Acts of impurity

Committed in a desperate need

To feel something,


Is sealed.


It’s tossed away,

Thrown into a hole,

Never to be seen again.


That’s the intention anyway.


Many times

This path has been sealed off

Yet many times,

The wall that was built

Through blood and tears

Is broken down

In one foul strike.


A path,

Kept in obscurity,

Hidden away from the world,

Leading to an improper place,

Is too often ventured down

By its creator.

The same creator

That stands against such places

As the ones that this path leads to.


It can’t go on.

The path cannot remain.

But the path cannot be destroyed

By its maker alone.


He sits

And he waits

While one who is stronger

Goes for the help he needs,

And uses all his power

To save his helpless lamb

From the torture

That his mind subjects him to,

From the false fulfillment

Given to him

By going down the path,

From the trap

That he’s caught in.



At times

Our situation in life

May seem


At times

Our situation in life

May seem


At times

Our situation in life

May seem



At times

We just want to give up.

At times

We want it to end

So badly,

We think of doing things

We normally would not consider.


All the hurt,

All the pain,

All the suffering.

To make ourselves feel better

We do

Horrible things,

However, nothing is ever resolved by it,

And nothing is ever accomplished by it,

Except making the devils grasp

Stronger on us.


In these times

We cannot give up,

We cannot let him take us,

We cannot let him push us

Over the edge so that we fall

Into his clutches,

We cannot let him.


In these times

We have to remember

That there are people

Who love us,

Who care for us,

Who want to see us smile,

Who want to see us laugh,

Who want to see us happy.


We also have to remember

That there is a God

Who is up in heaven

Who loves us so strongly

So mightily,

So powerfully,

That he just wants

To pull us out of the ocean

And save us.


All we have to do

Is accept him,

And let him take

The pain away,

Let him heal

The wounds,

Let him heal

Our lives,

Let him forgive

Our sins.


At the end of it all,

As he dries us off,

He will not leave us,

He will always be there

For us.

We just have to remember that.

After Jesus’ Resurrection

I bowed down before the risen lord Jesus Christ. I grovelled at his feet, crying. “Forgive me lord, forgive me.” I looked up at him, tears streaming down my face. “I’m sorry lord. I’m sorry that this happened. I’m sorry that this had to happen.”

He looked down at me and said, “Get up.”

I rose to my feet, and stood face to face with him. Then he took me into his warm embrace. I wept on his shoulder, and he said, “All is forgiven. Leave your sin in the tomb, and live for me.”

The challenge now is to leave the sin in the tomb for good.