Call to Action – Live in VU Poetry Class

Hey folks, here’s another live poetry performance for you all. Hope you enjoy it!


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If only the carpet

In a politicians office

Could talk.


It would be able to tell us

Of all their dirty secrets,

From the deals they strike

With other countries,

To the plans they make

For wasting

Tax Payers money.


If only the carpet

In a politicians office

Could talk.


It would be able to tell us

Whether they’re

Incompetent fools,

Or whether they’re

Just watching out

For themselves,

Trying to get ahead

At the expense of others

And not caring about

Who they hurt

Or what they have to do

To get more money.


If only the carpet

In a politicians office

Could talk.


It would last

As several politicians

Come and go.

It would last

Until the time came

Where the carpet

Had to be replaced.

It would be taken up,

And thrown out

With all the filth

That lay within it,

As its previous owner

Tries to start anew,

And hides the dirt

That was previously gathered.


If only the carpet

In a politicians office

Could talk.


A new carpet

Would be brought in,

And as its owner

Goes on,

Unaware of the dirt

That they’re spreading,

Stains form

On the new carpet.

It gains its own secrets

That it could tell

To the world.


If only the carpet

In a politicians office

Could talk.

Well Off

A woman complains

About the quality of food

That she got

From a fast food chain,

Whilst another whines

About not being able

To find a parking space.


A man goes on

About being disturbed

In front of the TV,

Whilst another groans

About not being served

Quick enough at the bar.


The next door neighbour

Is having a fit

Over the price of their bills

And is deeply concerned

About how they’re going to

Afford their next holiday

To a five star resort overseas.


If they’re their only problems,

How lucky are they?

There’s a child in Africa

Trying to figure out

How to feed and care

For himself and three others.

There’s also a man over there

That just found out

He’s going to die from

A disease that’s curable

In our country,

Leaving behind four kids

And not a penny to spend.


There’s a girl in Haiti

That’s stuck

Living in slavery

Just so she

Can send money to her family.

There’s a woman there too

That’s wondering

How she’d going to survive

Whilst gangs roam the streets

And take from those

Who have none.


We complain about

Our own mundane lives,

But we should count

Ourselves fortunate

That for most of us

Our next question

Isn’t ‘where’s my food

Gonna come from?’

And that we can live

Our lives with modern



Spare a thought for those

That live in an impoverished nation

And are in desperate need

Of some sort of salvation.

They are people

Just like you and me,

But they’re not as lucky

And need our help.


Instead of spending our time

Being overly greedy,

Why don’t we help those

That are desperately needy.

We can spare a few dimes,

And a few thoughts

To help them make

Something good of their lives.


Why don’t we share our wealth

Across the globe,

Give a voice to those

That can’t be heard,

And lend a helping hand

To the unfortunate people

That are down on their luck.


Then we can bring salvation

To the desperate nations

Across the world,

And then man can achieve

True equality.

This Just In

Destruction and violence

Being reported on the news

By people seeming to care.


Truth is, they don’t give a damn

About who live or dies,

Only about a story

And their own selfish desires


Masks of empathy

Used to suck out details

From helpless victims

Who are cast aside

As soon as they’ve got

All the information they need.


Obscuring the truth

To suit their own needs,

Making up fiction

That fogs up the fact

Just to sell papers

Brimming with senseless garbage


Gone are the days

When the news used to be just that,

Reports that would inform the masses

With an unbiased view

Of what’s happening in the world today.


Now all it is

Are tall tales being told

By blood sucking leeches

Aiming to make a fast buck,

Not caring about who they hurt

In the process of their

Greedy money grabbing exercise.