Not Alone

A woman cries

On the shore

Of a beach.

Her tears

Roll off her cheeks

And land on the sand,

Seeping into the grains.

Waves roll up

Onto the shore

As the woman weeps

Over the pain that she feels.


She does not weep alone.


A man stands

On the edge of a bridge,

His tie flapping wildly

In the wind.

He weeps

Where he stands,

Regret filling his mind

And heart

For what he has done.

He wishes he could take back

The things he did,

But he feels that it’s too late

And the only way now

Is to end it all.


He does not weep alone.


A man walks up

To the girl on the beach.

He weeps with her.

He knows the pain

That she feels.


He picks her up.

He embraces her.

He shows her

That she does not

Have to suffer alone,

And he takes her pain

From her

And points her forward

To the future.


A man comes out

Onto the bridge

And holds the guy

Standing on the edge.

He weeps with him.

He knows the pain

That He feels.


He holds the guy

And walks back

From the ledge.

He shows him

That he does not

Have to suffer alone,

And he takes the pain

From him

And points him forward

To the future.


We are never alone.

There is always

Someone there for us.

They know how we feel.

They know what to do.

They know how to take away

All the pain.

We just need

To let them in,

And look to the future.


Omen of Reverence

Sick of the eternal darkness

Taking over day,

I go down this long avenue

Walking in the shadows.


Cursing this eclipse

That takes the light away,

I seek a place of refuge,

Peace and sanctity.


As I continue to wander

I pray that I will see

A light in the sky

A signal of hope for me.


The distance looks bleak,

Nothing like what I seek,

As terror takes place

On the side of this street


Many others wandering,

Stumbling through the darkness

But in no way succeeding

As they keep on falling.


All these people around me

Succumbing to the urges

To give up all sense of hope

And abandon everything readily


I wonder why this has to happen,

Why they have to fall,

As I keep on waiting

For the light of the sun for all.


Sirens can be heard

Coming from the distance,

A crying call

For a form of peace and order.


No one comes to help,

Nothing comes to relieve

All these people crying

Out on the street.


Familiar faces linger

Waiting for the sun to dawn

For the perpetual darkness to lift

So that they no longer morn


I clutch at this pain

Now inside my chest.

This shouldn’t have to happen

They shouldn’t have to suffer at all.


Then I finally see it

A sign to end it all

To make the nightmare fade

An answer to the call.


A small light in the distance

Glows for all to see,

But so easily missed

When everyone’s head is down


This time won’t last forever

Light will illuminate the dawn.

This is preparation for the future,

An Omen of Reverence


I’ve done nothing

To deserve this gift

That you have given.


A life was traded for mine,

Yet I kick dirt

In the face of the one

Who made the sacrifice

For me

Every day.


I’ve done nothing

To deserve this gift,

Yet you give it anyway

Because you love me.


You look inside

And you see the good,

Whilst I see the filth

That perverts my mind.


What I do

Causes you pain.

Now you take from me

The things I use to hurt you.

No more will they do damage

And no longer will they reside

Where they can do harm.


You give me your armour

So you can protect me

From the things that will invade.


I will no longer reside

In the place of temptation

But take up your weapon

And fight the good fight

What You Do for Me (Psalm 23)

I am a lost soul

That needs guidance.

You are my guide.


As a human

Of your creation

I have wants and needs.

You fulfil them all.


At times, I require rest

In peaceful surrounds

To regain my strength.

You lead me there,

And make sure I rest.


As my soul grows weak,

You make it like new.

As I seek direction,

You light my way.


As my journey grows dangerous

And the tides become dark,

I will not be afraid.

You are there with me,

Fending off

Whatever may hurt me,

And keeping me calm

And still.


On the way

Through the storms,

You allow me to sit

In the presence of those

Who wish to do me harm.


You mark me as your own,

And fill me

So that I may give

To those I meet.

Throughout my life

Wherever I go

You will follow.

I will be in your shelter



Battle At Sea

I swim in an ocean

Full of all sorts of commotion.

There are sharks all around me,

They’re the only thing I see.

Started with one of them at first,

Then the rest found a thirst

For the blood in my veins

And a heart that gives me pains.


They start to pull me down,

In a hope that I will drown.

It’s useless and futile

But I struggle for a while

Until they get the better of me

And pull me under this sea.


It’s full of the devil’s sin,

And he watches with a grin

As I reach out with my hand

Hoping for some help to land.

Whilst the sharks are on the attack

All of them taking a crack

At pulling me to the floor

Where my end would be sure,

Someone grabs my arm

And tries to pull me from harm.

As my head breaks the surface

I see my saviour looking nervous

Fearing that he might lose me

To the devil’s evil sea.


The sharks won’t let me go,

As they crave for blood to flow,

But my saviour isn’t giving in.

He will free me from this sin,

And won’t stop until I’m free

From this evil sea.


He pulls with his might,

And I grip his hand tight,

But there’s something weighing me down,

And helping the sharks to make me drown.


My saviour tries his best,

And this sea’s at my chest.

But that’s where it stays

Making my heart ablaze

With a pain that’s so real

It’s all I can feel.


My saviour tries to break the weight

That is sealing my fate,

But it’s still there today

As I continue to float away

In a sea full of sin,

Battling with great pain within.


The day I stop standing

For what I believe in,

Is the day

That I stop believing.


The day I stop caring

About those around me,

And feel nothing inside

While only caring

About myself and my needs,

Is the day

That I stop believing.


The day the devil stops

Trying to make these things happen,

Is the day that Jesus

Comes and makes all things

Right in this world.


We must stay strong

In this life

And resist all temptation.

We must never

Let the devil win

In his sinful plight.


Lord God I pray,

Continue to give me strength

So I never see the day

That I stop believing.

My Words Aren’t Enough

Lord God,

My words can’t express

All my true feelings

For you.

I just wish that they could

So I could show them to the world

And use them

To paint this sky all over,

Different colours of the rainbow

And a few other shades too.


Red for the love

That I feel towards you,

White for the peace

That comes from within you,

Yellow for your light

That stretches across the globe

And green for the jealousy

That you feel for me.


Lord God,

I live to serve you,

And I live to please you.

Forgive me for my sins

As I know they displease you.

Christ shed his blood for me

As the ultimate sacrifice,

And I feel ashamed

Every time I do wrong by you.

Even then

You still love me,

And I love you too

But I feel undeserving

And nowhere near worthy

Of such great love.


And yet…

You saved me from a life

That truly was hell

And answered the prayers

Of my dear Grandma.

So I give my life to you

As payment to you

As I feel that I’m

In debt to you,

Even though I shouldn’t feel

That way.


Great Adonai,

You are my hero

And my saviour.

You are my great commander

And my best friend too.

I just wish my words

Could express

All of my feelings

Towards you,

So I could tell the world

How great

You truly are.