Not Alone

A woman cries

On the shore

Of a beach.

Her tears

Roll off her cheeks

And land on the sand,

Seeping into the grains.

Waves roll up

Onto the shore

As the woman weeps

Over the pain that she feels.


She does not weep alone.


A man stands

On the edge of a bridge,

His tie flapping wildly

In the wind.

He weeps

Where he stands,

Regret filling his mind

And heart

For what he has done.

He wishes he could take back

The things he did,

But he feels that it’s too late

And the only way now

Is to end it all.


He does not weep alone.


A man walks up

To the girl on the beach.

He weeps with her.

He knows the pain

That she feels.


He picks her up.

He embraces her.

He shows her

That she does not

Have to suffer alone,

And he takes her pain

From her

And points her forward

To the future.


A man comes out

Onto the bridge

And holds the guy

Standing on the edge.

He weeps with him.

He knows the pain

That He feels.


He holds the guy

And walks back

From the ledge.

He shows him

That he does not

Have to suffer alone,

And he takes the pain

From him

And points him forward

To the future.


We are never alone.

There is always

Someone there for us.

They know how we feel.

They know what to do.

They know how to take away

All the pain.

We just need

To let them in,

And look to the future.


Omen of Reverence

Sick of the eternal darkness

Taking over day,

I go down this long avenue

Walking in the shadows.


Cursing this eclipse

That takes the light away,

I seek a place of refuge,

Peace and sanctity.


As I continue to wander

I pray that I will see

A light in the sky

A signal of hope for me.


The distance looks bleak,

Nothing like what I seek,

As terror takes place

On the side of this street


Many others wandering,

Stumbling through the darkness

But in no way succeeding

As they keep on falling.


All these people around me

Succumbing to the urges

To give up all sense of hope

And abandon everything readily


I wonder why this has to happen,

Why they have to fall,

As I keep on waiting

For the light of the sun for all.


Sirens can be heard

Coming from the distance,

A crying call

For a form of peace and order.


No one comes to help,

Nothing comes to relieve

All these people crying

Out on the street.


Familiar faces linger

Waiting for the sun to dawn

For the perpetual darkness to lift

So that they no longer morn


I clutch at this pain

Now inside my chest.

This shouldn’t have to happen

They shouldn’t have to suffer at all.


Then I finally see it

A sign to end it all

To make the nightmare fade

An answer to the call.


A small light in the distance

Glows for all to see,

But so easily missed

When everyone’s head is down


This time won’t last forever

Light will illuminate the dawn.

This is preparation for the future,

An Omen of Reverence

Making Sense of it All

Gone are the days

When things made

Perfect sense.


When we are young,

All we need to understand

Are the basics of math,

What games to play at lunch,

Where we can

And couldn’t go,

What we can

And can’t do.


Then we grow up.

Things become complicated.

Things start happening.

Now, not much makes sense



We try to comprehend

The things that happen,

Adding things together

That maybe shouldn’t be added

To get wrong conclusions,

And adding other things

To give us partial answers.


Time is spent

Fighting for logic,

For things to be ordered.


But when one question

Is answered,

Another takes its place


Heart and mind

Once more.


As we try to figure out

Why things happen

Or how they happened,

We can become conceited,

As we attempt to understand

The humanity around us,

As we search

For what is hidden

Right in front of us.


It soon gets to a point

Where we wonder

“Is it worth it?”

But push on anyway

As the reality we saw

Crumbles to dust.


All that is left behind

Is a table top,

Covered in scratches

That were made

In a vain attempt

To make sense

Of the world.


I sit on a street corner

Stuck out in the rain

As people walk by,

Paying no attention,

As if I don’t exist.

It feels like I have nothing

Except this pain

That’s wrapped around me.



All day and night

My mind dwells

On the pain,

Whilst I sink further

Into this deep dark depth.


I thirst

For this pain to heal

Like a deer

Panting for water

After going without a drink

For a week.


As I sit on this corner

I contemplate things

That I shouldn’t,

Crimes I could commit

Just to get out of the rain,

To end this suffering.


All of a sudden

The rain stops

Pouring on me.

I wonder why

And I look up to see

A man

Standing over me.

He reaches out his hand

And offers

To give me shelter,

To put a roof

Over my head,

And food

In my stomach.


He helps me back

Onto my feet,

Giving me a job

And some money.

Now I have something,

And can rise up

Out of the deep dark depths

Even though

I don’t have everything.


At times

Our situation in life

May seem


At times

Our situation in life

May seem


At times

Our situation in life

May seem



At times

We just want to give up.

At times

We want it to end

So badly,

We think of doing things

We normally would not consider.


All the hurt,

All the pain,

All the suffering.

To make ourselves feel better

We do

Horrible things,

However, nothing is ever resolved by it,

And nothing is ever accomplished by it,

Except making the devils grasp

Stronger on us.


In these times

We cannot give up,

We cannot let him take us,

We cannot let him push us

Over the edge so that we fall

Into his clutches,

We cannot let him.


In these times

We have to remember

That there are people

Who love us,

Who care for us,

Who want to see us smile,

Who want to see us laugh,

Who want to see us happy.


We also have to remember

That there is a God

Who is up in heaven

Who loves us so strongly

So mightily,

So powerfully,

That he just wants

To pull us out of the ocean

And save us.


All we have to do

Is accept him,

And let him take

The pain away,

Let him heal

The wounds,

Let him heal

Our lives,

Let him forgive

Our sins.


At the end of it all,

As he dries us off,

He will not leave us,

He will always be there

For us.

We just have to remember that.

Someone by his Side

Sick of this mask

That he hides behind,

He casts it aside

Without the pain in mind.

Now that his face is bare

And open to the world,

The pain sets in

And his head is twirled,

Sent mad

By agony and dispair,

Until it’s almost

Too much to bear.


He tries to keep himself

From doing something stupid

Just so that he doesn’t

Need to find cupid,

But the temptation

Is strong and it’s there

Waiting for him

To take if he dares,

Dangling in front of him

Like a carrot on a stick,

Sure to get him

Unless someone does something quick.


Lost on the inside

Nowhere to hide

Nowhere to go,

Needing someone by his side.

He cries out

He cries out

All he wants

Is somebody by his side,

So his true feelings

Don’t have to hide.

He cries out

He cries out


He sits with his

Head in his hands

Not sure what to do

As he’s stuck in these sands.

He’s got two ways out,

One easy, one not,

But taking the easy way’s

Not what life is about.


He continues to sit

And suffer this pain

Even though now

It’s starting to rain.

Cold and shivering,

Drenched and sneezing,

He sits with a feeling

That’s very displeasing.

He knows what it is

That needs to be done,

But he wonders when he’s next

Going to see the sun.


Lost on the inside

Nowhere to hide

Nowhere to go,

Needing someone by his side

He cries out

He cries out

All he wants

Is somebody by his side,

So his true feelings

Don’t have to hide.

He cries out

He cries out


It comes

To the end of the day

And he knows what it is

That he wants to say

But he stays silent

As his heart is wrung,

Waiting for the right moment,

Not wanting to be stung.

He thinks about his mask,

Thinks about wearing it again,

As a way to survive

Every now and then,

But prefers to show

What is on the inside

As he hopes to have

Somebody by his side.


Lost on the inside

Nowhere to hide

Nowhere to go,

Needing someone by his side.

He cries out

He cries out

All he wants

Is somebody by his side,

So his true feelings

Don’t have to hide.

He cries out

He cries out