Not Alone

A woman cries

On the shore

Of a beach.

Her tears

Roll off her cheeks

And land on the sand,

Seeping into the grains.

Waves roll up

Onto the shore

As the woman weeps

Over the pain that she feels.


She does not weep alone.


A man stands

On the edge of a bridge,

His tie flapping wildly

In the wind.

He weeps

Where he stands,

Regret filling his mind

And heart

For what he has done.

He wishes he could take back

The things he did,

But he feels that it’s too late

And the only way now

Is to end it all.


He does not weep alone.


A man walks up

To the girl on the beach.

He weeps with her.

He knows the pain

That she feels.


He picks her up.

He embraces her.

He shows her

That she does not

Have to suffer alone,

And he takes her pain

From her

And points her forward

To the future.


A man comes out

Onto the bridge

And holds the guy

Standing on the edge.

He weeps with him.

He knows the pain

That He feels.


He holds the guy

And walks back

From the ledge.

He shows him

That he does not

Have to suffer alone,

And he takes the pain

From him

And points him forward

To the future.


We are never alone.

There is always

Someone there for us.

They know how we feel.

They know what to do.

They know how to take away

All the pain.

We just need

To let them in,

And look to the future.


Omen of Reverence

Sick of the eternal darkness

Taking over day,

I go down this long avenue

Walking in the shadows.


Cursing this eclipse

That takes the light away,

I seek a place of refuge,

Peace and sanctity.


As I continue to wander

I pray that I will see

A light in the sky

A signal of hope for me.


The distance looks bleak,

Nothing like what I seek,

As terror takes place

On the side of this street


Many others wandering,

Stumbling through the darkness

But in no way succeeding

As they keep on falling.


All these people around me

Succumbing to the urges

To give up all sense of hope

And abandon everything readily


I wonder why this has to happen,

Why they have to fall,

As I keep on waiting

For the light of the sun for all.


Sirens can be heard

Coming from the distance,

A crying call

For a form of peace and order.


No one comes to help,

Nothing comes to relieve

All these people crying

Out on the street.


Familiar faces linger

Waiting for the sun to dawn

For the perpetual darkness to lift

So that they no longer morn


I clutch at this pain

Now inside my chest.

This shouldn’t have to happen

They shouldn’t have to suffer at all.


Then I finally see it

A sign to end it all

To make the nightmare fade

An answer to the call.


A small light in the distance

Glows for all to see,

But so easily missed

When everyone’s head is down


This time won’t last forever

Light will illuminate the dawn.

This is preparation for the future,

An Omen of Reverence


A man wearing a gold watch

Keeps trying to move on

In his journey of life,

But he can’t.

His watch

Keeps getting in the way,

And he doesn’t want it

Damaged or broken.

He cares about it

So much,

And won’t take it off.

It’s the last thing of value

That he has left.


He doesn’t want

To let it go,

He doesn’t want

To cast it aside.

But as long as he has it

It will continue being

In his way.


He stares at the path ahead,

Of what he’ll have to do

To reach his goal.

He can’t keep the watch

Even though he wants to.


He makes a decision

And takes off the watch

He throws it to the side

And walks

Down the path

Before him.

The watch shatters

On the ground

No longer of any value

To anyone.


A little boy with a balloon

Is having fun at a fair.

He grips the balloon tightly,

Never wanting to let it go.


He goes on a ride,

Still holding the balloon,

And is lifted

High in the air.

The boy is scared,

Fearing for his life

Fearing for what might happen.

He needs to hold on,

Hold on with both hands,

But can only use one

With his balloon

In the other.


He doesn’t want

To let it go

Doesn’t want

To lose his balloon,

But he lets it go,

And grips on to the ride

Tightly with both hands.

The balloon floats away

Rising into the air,

Fading into the distance

Forever out of reach.


Ten years later,

The man who threw away

His watch,

His most valuable possession,

Now has a family

With two children,

Lives in a large house

And drives a car

Of his dreams.

He now has many watches

To replace the one

He gave up.


He now has more

Of value to him

Than ever before.


The boy who let go

Of his balloon

Is now all grown up.

He’s thinking about the day

He let go

Of the balloon

As he walks out

To his car

On his way to work.

On his windscreen

He finds an old wrinkled balloon

The same colour as the one

That he let go.

Next to it

Is a whole pack

Of balloons

All the same colour.


He smiles.

He can now give them

To his daughter,

And give her

Something to treasure

And play with.


Sometimes in our life

We need to let go

Of what we hold dear.

But someday it comes back

Or we get

So much more.

Sometimes to progress

We just need










I sit on a street corner

Stuck out in the rain

As people walk by,

Paying no attention,

As if I don’t exist.

It feels like I have nothing

Except this pain

That’s wrapped around me.



All day and night

My mind dwells

On the pain,

Whilst I sink further

Into this deep dark depth.


I thirst

For this pain to heal

Like a deer

Panting for water

After going without a drink

For a week.


As I sit on this corner

I contemplate things

That I shouldn’t,

Crimes I could commit

Just to get out of the rain,

To end this suffering.


All of a sudden

The rain stops

Pouring on me.

I wonder why

And I look up to see

A man

Standing over me.

He reaches out his hand

And offers

To give me shelter,

To put a roof

Over my head,

And food

In my stomach.


He helps me back

Onto my feet,

Giving me a job

And some money.

Now I have something,

And can rise up

Out of the deep dark depths

Even though

I don’t have everything.


At times

Our situation in life

May seem


At times

Our situation in life

May seem


At times

Our situation in life

May seem



At times

We just want to give up.

At times

We want it to end

So badly,

We think of doing things

We normally would not consider.


All the hurt,

All the pain,

All the suffering.

To make ourselves feel better

We do

Horrible things,

However, nothing is ever resolved by it,

And nothing is ever accomplished by it,

Except making the devils grasp

Stronger on us.


In these times

We cannot give up,

We cannot let him take us,

We cannot let him push us

Over the edge so that we fall

Into his clutches,

We cannot let him.


In these times

We have to remember

That there are people

Who love us,

Who care for us,

Who want to see us smile,

Who want to see us laugh,

Who want to see us happy.


We also have to remember

That there is a God

Who is up in heaven

Who loves us so strongly

So mightily,

So powerfully,

That he just wants

To pull us out of the ocean

And save us.


All we have to do

Is accept him,

And let him take

The pain away,

Let him heal

The wounds,

Let him heal

Our lives,

Let him forgive

Our sins.


At the end of it all,

As he dries us off,

He will not leave us,

He will always be there

For us.

We just have to remember that.

Well Off

A woman complains

About the quality of food

That she got

From a fast food chain,

Whilst another whines

About not being able

To find a parking space.


A man goes on

About being disturbed

In front of the TV,

Whilst another groans

About not being served

Quick enough at the bar.


The next door neighbour

Is having a fit

Over the price of their bills

And is deeply concerned

About how they’re going to

Afford their next holiday

To a five star resort overseas.


If they’re their only problems,

How lucky are they?

There’s a child in Africa

Trying to figure out

How to feed and care

For himself and three others.

There’s also a man over there

That just found out

He’s going to die from

A disease that’s curable

In our country,

Leaving behind four kids

And not a penny to spend.


There’s a girl in Haiti

That’s stuck

Living in slavery

Just so she

Can send money to her family.

There’s a woman there too

That’s wondering

How she’d going to survive

Whilst gangs roam the streets

And take from those

Who have none.


We complain about

Our own mundane lives,

But we should count

Ourselves fortunate

That for most of us

Our next question

Isn’t ‘where’s my food

Gonna come from?’

And that we can live

Our lives with modern



Spare a thought for those

That live in an impoverished nation

And are in desperate need

Of some sort of salvation.

They are people

Just like you and me,

But they’re not as lucky

And need our help.


Instead of spending our time

Being overly greedy,

Why don’t we help those

That are desperately needy.

We can spare a few dimes,

And a few thoughts

To help them make

Something good of their lives.


Why don’t we share our wealth

Across the globe,

Give a voice to those

That can’t be heard,

And lend a helping hand

To the unfortunate people

That are down on their luck.


Then we can bring salvation

To the desperate nations

Across the world,

And then man can achieve

True equality.