Disturbing Image

An Elderly lady

Enjoys her coffee and hashbrown,

As she reads the paper

In a McDonalds, sitting down.

There’s nothing wrong

With this image I see,

And yet something about it

Keeps bothering me.

I can’t put my finger

On whatever it is,

As it sends my head

Into quite the tizz.

I keep thinking and thinking

About what it could be

About this image

That is bothering me,

Yet I come up

With no answers

As they slip away

Like well-trained dancers.

Is it the fact

That she’s in a McDonalds

Instead of a café

Without several Ronalds?

Or is it because

I am there too?


Sitting at a table

Eating for some reason,

When I could be somewhere else

Enjoying the season.

Instead I am sitting

In a corner alone

Away from everyone else there,

All on my own.

Maybe it is

That I am there too.


Maybe it’s not

The lady that’s bothering me

But more the fact

That I’m there to see,

As I sit there

Without any clue.


World at Peace

A world feels

Finally at peace.

No longer in turmoil,

As all the wars cease.


A fresh breeze blows

Carrying no scent of despair.

Nothing can be heard

Except the birds in the air.


Fires burn out,

Soldiers put their guns down.

The people rejoice,

Jubilation across town.

The evil dictator

Finally lost his crown,

His reign of terror ended,

The ground going from black to brown.


But he lays waiting,

Ready to end this peace

And to make the death toll

Steadily increase.

Wanting to plunge the world

Into turmoil once more,

As he takes back his crown

And settles the score.